Our Mission

To inspire diverse professionals to find voice and visibility in corporate boardrooms so they are more engaged and get promoted. When there’s more diversity in C-Suite, we all win.



We believe in the collective power of storytelling with heart to better understand one another, create allies and provoke behavioural change.



We courageously own our journey and have the confidence to share our stories; we inspire others to do the same.



We believe in taking risks, failing forward, dancing in the moment and bringing a sense of adventure to everything we do.

Believe in


We believe in giving- energy, inspiration, 120%, intentionally.



We know everyone has a unique talent to showcase and special way to add value to the world. we are committed to empowering professionals to seek and maximize this talent.

Power of


We understand in the power of possibility and implore creative ways to step outside our comfort zones so that we grow, challenge and push ourselves and our clients.

our team

We believe in action and accountability and doing what we say we will do.

We’ve sat in the seat to understand the challenges minorities face consciously and unconsciously. We are global citizens who want to spark a sense of belonging and inclusion in organizations…and we know it’s got to start with us. We are the most enthusiastic and outcome driven team you’ll ever meet. We know ROI matters so we inspire action and give you the tools to make real change happen.

CEO, Speaker & Global Facilitator

Dynamic, Collaborative, Inspiring

Global Facilitator

Energetic, Visionary, Intuitive

Global DEI Consultant

Creative, Authentic, Trustworthy

Global Facilitator

Servant Leader, Understanding, Driven

Global Facilitator

Adventurous, Playful, Perceptive

Global DEI Consultant

Engaging, Dynamic, Passionate

Global Facilitator

Courageous, Creative, Warm

Global Facilitator

Enthusiastic, Daring, Empowering

Global Facilitator

Perseverant, Sincere, Empathetic

Global Facilitator

Authentic, Lively, Motivating

Senior Marketing Manager &
Global Project Manager

Dedicated, Effervescent, Innovative

Global Project Manager

Compassionate, Fun, Intrepid

Virtual Assistant

Spirited, Happy, Fun Loving


We inspire, activate and empower top talent across every continent. We work with clients across countries, time zones and industries – diversity, inclusion, belonging and career acceleration are our common languages.