Leadership development 
through a DEI lens

Desa Global Leadership is your boutique leadership development and DEIB consulting partner.

With fully customized live training solutions, we empower leaders and employees in mid-to-large organizations with actionable skills to feel seen, heard & valued at work.

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10,000 people leaders worldwide

Actionable live
training solutions

Desa Global Leadership is a women-owned firm that focuses on driving behaviour change. Our team of world-class leadership and DE&I experts specialize in customized leadership development training and DEI consulting that allows attendees to try out new skills while receiving real-time feedback from peers and facilitators.


From TEDx Talks in Europe to speaking tours across India, our CEO Tania is a top speaker on global stages.


Our workshops are interactive and actionable
so that employees are equipped and inspired to take action immediately.

Leadership Programs

Our programs are packed with executive training and project work focused on interaction and engagement.

DEI Consulting

We are on a mission to support organizations in creating diverse talent pipelines from strategy through to execution.

How our training measures up

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Why choose Desa Global Leadership?


World-class facilitators

No matter your training needs, our team of leadership and DE&I experts have the solutions.

customization (1)


We believe in delivering personalized solutions to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.

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Our flexible approach and network of facilitators means that we can adapt to your changing needs in real-time.


Transformational learning

Our training not only imparts knowledge, but also fosters new perspectives and inspires growth.


Live online or in-person

We offer both online and in-person services, so you can choose the format that works best for you.


Outcome driven

Our focus on outcomes means that we take a strategic and data-driven approach to everything we do.

The team of workshop facilitators, DEI consultants and keynote speaker for International Women's Day

We believe in action and accountability

Our international team are leadership and DE&I experts who have sat in the seat and understand the challenges minorities face. Their passion for what they do inspires action and provides participants the tools to make real change happen. With Desa Global Leadership, you’ll experience the difference that a talented and dedicated team can make.

Our TedX Talk

See our keynote speaker, Tania DeSa, in action. Her TedX Talk, ‘How to Save your Life in 60 Seconds’ summarizes our mission, showcases our leadership training style and is guaranteed to inspire action.

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Tania DeSa International Women's Day keynote speaker