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As a woman-owned business, we focus on fostering collaboration and inclusivity, empowering leaders to embrace diversity, drive positive change, and create a workplace where everyone is seen, heard, and valued.

Unlock the power of diversity

In today’s global workplace, diversity, equity and inclusion are imperative for organizational growth — boosting health, engagement, and profitability for your business and people. Whether you are just starting your DEI journey or scaling programs globally, we are committed to helping you build a more inclusive and sustainably thriving workplace every step of the way.

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Empowering & equipping leaders to drive impactful DEI change

At Desa Global Leadership, we partner with you to identify gaps, create internal champions and customize a diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging strategy and action plan that aligns with your business goals. We engage, empower and equip leaders to drive meaningful change and measure success along the way.

Behaviour change isn’t easy and it takes time, so we bring best known methods, case studies and examples from across industries and geographies to help you gain momentum from the start.

We believe that when employees are part of the journey, they will be more invested in the outcomes, so we are experts at employee, manager and leader engagement during each step of the DEIB strategic action planning process.

Our DEI solutions

An introduction to key EDI terms and pivotal concepts such as unconscious bias and systems of oppression. Explore how these human and social phenomena impact the workplace, the community, and professional environments.

Conduct assessment and gap analysis on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in your organization to gather and analyze data to gain insights into the current state and identify areas for improvement.

Working alongside your organizations key stakeholders to create a comprehensive diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy that aligns with your company’s core values and goals.

We bring in best practices, stories and outcome data from across industries, geographies and companies to help Executive Sponsors and Steering Committees create a solid plan that aligns with your culture and business objectives.

We empower ERGs to brainstorm specific initiatives per pillar and develop a solid Annual Action Plan while identifying points of intersectionality and collaboration across ERGs, departments and stakeholder groups.

Our Accountability Sessions create regular touchpoints for ERG Chairs to discuss learnings, challenges and success stories in a safe peer environment. We empower the leaders with industry best practices, case studies and laser coaching from DEI Experts to help sustain momentum of their volunteer efforts over time.

Develop strategies, co-create focus areas and annual plans for DEI Committees and Employee Resource Groups within your organization.

Designed to strategically nurture and develop your organization’s future leaders, we offer tailored solutions that identify, cultivate, and prepare talent, ensuring a strong and sustainable leadership pipeline for your company’s continued success.

Energize your ERG events and give back to your volunteers with dynamic keynotes and engaging workshops. Tailored to empower ERG members, our sessions inspire collaboration, drive inclusion, and ignite meaningful conversations.

Detailed ROI reports that showcase the positive changes resulting from your DEI efforts and collaboration with Desa Global Leadership.


Inclusive DEI Strategy:
The Outcomes

Our transformative approach focuses on creating a customized DEI action plan that activates all stakeholders and drives meaningful and lasting change. Working closely with your organization, we collaborate to develop a comprehensive DEI strategy that aligns with your culture and business objectives.

The team of workshop facilitators, DEI consultants and keynote speaker for International Women's Day

We believe in action and accountability

Our international team are experts in their fields who have sat in the seat and understand the challenges minorities face consciously and unconsciously. As an enthusiastic and outcome driven team, we know ROI matters, and focus on inspiring action and giving participants the tools to make real change happen.

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