Our workshops are interactive and actionable so that employees are equipped and inspired to take action immediately. We believe in systemizing soft skills so that employees have clarity on how to put these vital leadership skills into action and see results in their career; delivering the vital steps in shifting corporate culture and improving employee engagement. These workshops are ideal for ERGs (Employee Resource Groups) events, career development days and team off-sites.

Influencing with
Ease and Impact

Learn stakeholder management and storytelling strategies in order to increase your influence and impact with colleagues and clients – in person and online.

Personal Branding: Own the Leader Within

Practical tips to showcase who you are and why it matters at work so that you can optimize your talents and confidently articulate your career path to senior stakeholders.

Leverage Sponsorship to Drive your Career

Empower professionals to create advocates and leverage sponsors to get to the next level of leadership. Gain clarity on benefits of a sponsorship relationship and how to sustain momentum over time.

Virtual Networking and Mentoring

Empower professionals to create advocates, broaden their global networks and leverage mentors in the new world of work in order to get to the next level of leadership.

Building a Feedback Forward Culture

Equip your leaders with simple, powerful, and effective feedback tools that inspire them to give focused, productive and inclusive feedback in a variety of workplace contexts.

Becoming an Ally and Inclusive Leader

Learn to define and understand the practical aspects of allyship in order to increase the sense of inclusion and belonging at work and in life. Walk away with actionable ways to demonstrate allyship in the workplace.

We brought Desa Global Leadership in to deliver a career development workshop for over 50 women in my department for International Women’s Day. Feedback was excellent and the women walked away feeling energized, motivated and empowered to take control over their careers and personal brands. 

Katherine Hayward


employees who work in an inclusive team are

More likely to be highly effective

More likely to innovate

More likely to provide excellent client service

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