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Leadership goes beyond financial management, time allocation, and task completion; it revolves around people and driving the company’s strategic vision forward.

Experience a transformative journey through our immersive leadership training programs, where you’ll gain invaluable insights, master crucial skills, and cultivate a resilient leadership mindset.

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Empower your top talent with leadership development programs to drive transformative growth

Our customized experiential programs are packed with leadership skill development and project work ranging anywhere from a few days to months of interaction and engagement.

We take the time to learn about the specific challenges of your team to customize the content to the microculture and mission of your organization, linking leadership training to business impact.

Inclusive principles are woven into our leadership development programs as we elevate performance, build team rapport and create cross functional visibility to get leaders to the next level.

In our Leadership Development Programs, participants gain valuable insights from industry experts, engage in interactive workshops, and gain actionable skills & toolkits that participants put into practice immediately.

Whether an emerging leader or an experienced professional, Desa Global Leadership provides a tailored approach to help unlock their full leadership potential.

Leadership Academy: Shaping Visionary Leaders

Leadership skills are the driving force behind organizational success, propelling teams to new heights and shaping the future of businesses.

Our Leadership Academy is a group experience with skill building workshops, a live business challenge, Mentorship Certification and presentations to executives.

Through a blend of cutting-edge methodologies, real-world case studies, and collaborative activities, participants will enhance their skills to become well-rounded leaders.

Inclusive Leaders In Action​

Leaders who prioritize inclusion empower their teams to be forward-thinking, foster innovation and empower them to bring their unique perspectives to the table.

Our Inclusive Leadership Program will equip employees and team leaders with the tools to cultivate a workplace environment where everyone can be seen, heard and valued.

Through a cadence of experiential learning, participants will build a peer community, elevate URM top talent and create accountability through action.

Networking Mastery

Networking, mentoring and personal branding are life skills we are expected to know, yet never formally learn.

Networking Mastery is a leadership development program designed to accelerate top talent by empowering professionals with actionable systems and tools that equip them to succeed.

Participants walk away with the ability to elevate their visibility, amplify their voice and become more impactful leaders within the organization through relationship building.

Returnship Program

Our accelerators are packed with executive training and project work focused on interaction and engagement.

Networking Mastery

We are on a mission to support organizations in creating diverse talent pipelines from strategy through to execution.

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97% of participants would recommend our Leadership Development Programs to their peers and colleagues

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