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The first step to creating change is education and we’ve pulled together some resources to help along the way.

Whether you’re looking for information on leadership development, women in the workplace or diversity, equity and inclusion, we’ve got you covered.

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We are big believers in sharing best practices at DGL – why recreate the wheel when you can start off using methods that have been proven to work? Below you can browse industry reports and articles with actionable insights to help on your leadership development and DEI journey.

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Spotlight on Kasia Wojciechowska

Introducing the sensational Kasia – you won’t want to miss her sage advice on negotiating! She also sheds light on career barriers to be overcome, what it takes to be a fantastic leader and the incredible impact mentoring can have on your career.

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Spotlight on Soledad Alborno

Introducing the unstoppable Soledad and join us as she talks about what she’s learned from being a woman in tech, the importance of storytelling and how having an influential sponsor changed her life.

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How to Build a Network for Success

If there’s one thing we love here at DGL, it’s networking! We consider it an absolutely essential skill for anyone looking to advance their career. But just because you recognize something is necessary, doesn’t mean it’s easy for everyone to do.

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Spotlight on Rebecca Brueck

Introducing the amazing Rebecca – you won’t want to miss her Top 10 Tips for the next generation of female leaders! She also talks about how important and career-changing it can be to ask for what you want.

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Why being an Ally matters

How often do we hear people asking questions like “Where are you really from?” or making statements like “I’m not racist, I have Black friends.” Many of us have witnessed this or even said these microaggressions ourselves.

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