From TEDx Talks in Europe to speaking tours across India, our CEO Tania is a top speaker
on global stages. Her style is inspiring, interactive and inclusive.

Our CEO, Tania is constantly inspiring audiences around the globe, from speaking tours across India to Keynotes for International Women’s Day, her high energy and interactive style makes her one of the most in-demand female speakers at conferences around the world. Tania, a featured TEDx Speaker, has shared the speaking roster with Maria Shriver, Jane Fonda, Ashley Judd to name a few.

A 1% increase in gender diversity has proven to result in a minimum 3% increase in sales revenues.

of women in the workforce feel there is no gender equality in the workplace

*Source: Diversity Best Practices

How to save your life in 60 sec

Tania talks to over 250 professionals in Switzerland Inspiring them to own their awesomeness and then act on it.

Diversity Drives Better Outcomes

Executives who believe a diverse workplace improves their company's ability to capture and retain a diverse client base

*Source: McKinsey and Company, Why Diversity Matters, January 2015

Diversity Drives Better Outcomes

“I am so glad to have met Tania DeSa at the Global Seoul Sisters Samsung WISE (Women in Samsung Electronics) Conference in Silicon Valley this week. Tania's keynote was amazing and I am inspired to make an impact. I view personal branding from a new perspective now, feel empowered to showcase my talents and make my voice heard. The energy she created in the room was unique - it is not everyday that you feel appreciated and valued. Thank you Tania for making a difference for us at Samsung! I am sure Tania will be a voice for many others out there as well.”

Reena Joseph

Manager, Samsung

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