Inclusive Leaders in Action

Welcome to our Inclusive Leaders in Action Program – a transformative leadership development program designed to cultivate inclusive and empathetic leaders who drive positive change in their organizations.

Embrace diversity, foster collaboration, spark innovation and lead with purpose as you embark on a journey of personal and professional growth.

Inclusive leaders don't just break barriers;
they build bridges to a better future

The Inclusive Leaders in Action program focuses on experiential learning where attendees learn to build a supportive community, elevate underrepresented top talent, and drive change through meaningful action. Together, we’ll create a workplace where everyone is seen, heard, and valued.

soft skills

Building peer communities

Elevating underrepresented minorities

Creating accountability within the group

Hands-on Workshops

Our fully customized Inclusive Leaders in Action program is available in a variety of session formats tailored to your organization’s needs.

From self-leadership to leading change, our core session topics empower attendees with actionable strategies, valuable tips, and exclusive best practices to become inclusive and impactful leaders. See a few of our core sessions outlined below.

Becoming an Ally and Inclusive Leader

Gain a deeper understanding of allyship and inclusion, learning to embrace the practical aspects of leadership needed to foster a strong sense of belonging and inclusivity at work.

Acquire actionable strategies to demonstrate allyship and create an environment where every voice is heard and valued.

Influencing with Ease and Impact

Effective leadership goes beyond traditional methods – it requires the ability to influence with inclusivity at its core.

Through this session, participants will master influential communication techniques that value diverse perspectives, foster collaboration, and amplify the voices of every team member.

Owning the Inclusive Leader Within

Discover ways to showcase your unique strengths and contributions at work to foster an environment where diversity thrives.

Gain the confidence to articulate your career path to senior stakeholders, making a lasting impact as an inclusive leader who champions diversity and empowers every team member to thrive.

Building a Feedback Forward Culture

Equip your leaders with powerful feedback tools that inspire them to give focused and inclusive feedback in a variety of contexts.

By embracing feedback as a means of growth and fostering an environment of open communication, your organization will become one where diverse perspectives are heard and valued.

Results you can measure

Check out our engagement & impact KPIs

94% of participants believe that the Leadership Academy had a positive impact on their Career Development.
30% growth in the participants confidence in their ability to showcase their personal brand and build new strategic relationships
97% of participants would recommend our leadership development training
The team of workshop facilitators, DEI consultants and keynote speaker for International Women's Day

We believe in action and accountability

Our international team are experts in their fields who have sat in the seat and understand the challenges minorities face consciously and unconsciously. As an enthusiastic and outcome driven team, we know ROI matters, and focus on inspiring action and giving participants the tools to make real change happen.

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10,000 people leaders worldwide