Dianne Flemington

Dianne brings playfulness, a sense of adventure and courage as a Desa Global Leadership Facilitator who empowers teams and leaders to increase their positivity and performance.

As a Canadian who has also lived in the US and is now based in Australia, she understands even the subtle complexities that come from living and working in different countries and cultures. Her passion to travel, experience and better understand global cultures partners well with her ability to invite diverse team members to better understand each other, collaborate, uplift their performance and create meaningful work.

Dianne is a certified Coach for Leaders and Teams, and is qualified through the European Mentor and Coaching Council and the International Coach Federation. She also has a practitioner license of LUMINA learning’s suite of assessments and the Team Performance Indicator assessment. These qualifications have enabled her to be a force for good inside her most recent partnerships which include: Salesforce, Mulesoft, Wex, Mars Wrigley and PING.

When Dianne leads Desa Global Leadership trainings, she taps into her previous experience as a bold and compassionate woman who has worked at breaking barriers in the male dominated automotive industry. She is passionate about supporting the voices of women and minorities, helping them to uplevel their leadership skills, own their value and grow professionally.