Diana YK Chan

Diana is a dynamic Global Facilitator whose mission is to empower professionals to own their greatness and gain a competitive edge in order to advance their careers.

Having grown up living between Hong Kong and Canada, Diana is driven by understanding people’s unique experiences and perspectives that make them valuable. She has taken these experiences and used them to become a personal branding, communications, and networking guru who is known for helping professionals become the go-to experts in their fields by identifying their unique value, mastering messaging, and communicating with confidence.

With 15+ years of experience, Diana has a diverse corporate background where she worked in consulting at Accenture, recruiting at Google and Ivey, marketing, operations and training at TELUS, and career coaching at York University. She holds her undergrad and MBA from Ivey Business School and is a professionally trained coach with the Co-Active Training Institute.

When Diana leads Desa Global Leadership trainings she brings with her the experience, stories and best practices of training top talent at international companies such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and RBC and the passion she has to help clients own their worth, build self-confidence and grow in their organizations.