Cynthia Nkamicaniye

Cynthia is passionate about women’s empowerment, antiracism and inclusive leadership. As a Burundian-Canadian woman, her personal journey navigating global teams has allowed her to gain deep insights about the role of inclusive leadership in achieving business success.

As a Desa Global Leadership DEI Consultant, she seeks to empower leaders with the skills and knowledge to spearhead the change they want to see among their teams. It is through a deliberate empathy-first approach that Cynthia seeks to promote inclusive cultures.

Having lived in 5 countries and worked across 3 continents, Cynthia embodies the Desa Global Leadership focus on cross cultural acumen and international experience, and has developed a multidisciplinary track record in international business, branding, antiracism and ontological coaching. Cynthia brings a broad perspective on DEI matters, skillfully marrying critical thinking with lateral thinking to embrace the inherent complexity of DEI challenges.

Cynthia holds a bilingual MBA from HEC-Montréal and an Ontological Coaching Certification from Newfield Network. She’s had the privilege of working with world-class organizations such as McGill University, Kraft Foods, Yves Rocher, and Lifeworks.