Amy Hogan

Amy believes that a leader continually expands their skillset and surrounds themselves with other high achievers. The best leaders make continual growth a priority. Amy firmly believes that building your reputation as a trusted leader doesn’t mean you have to become a totally different person. When you discover your own unique leadership style it will feel totally authentic and effortless. This is what she loves about D&I; we provide tools for continuous learning and building authentic relationships.

Equipped with a science degree, Amy is a professionally trained coach, retreat leader and certified nutritional practitioner. She helps emerging leaders develop the skills and confidence to inspire their teams to greatness through managing the Mentorship Moment Platform and resource library. What she loves about working at Desa Global Leadership is that the information and trainings offered are current, relevant, passionate and actionable. You can implement what we teach immediately.

Outside of work Amy is a nature lover who thoroughly enjoys spending time hiking, canoeing, kayaking and snowshoeing. She takes pride in witnessing growth, trust, confidence and personal awareness in individuals while on retreats and adventures in nature.