Top Learnings from Virtual DEI Conferences

Over the past year, we’ve been attending some outstanding virtual events and summits worldwide to learn and sharpen our knowledge base. We attended virtual events for ERG leaders and DEI professionals of all levels who care about impact and inclusion.

We’ve spent our time at the events soaking up best practices from other ERG leaders, DEI & HR leaders globally – here are some of the most crucial things we learned.

One event was the Microsoft INCLUDE 2021 conference, which brought together employees, DEI champions, and employers from across the globe to discuss ways to create more inclusive workplaces.

We learned that setting up diverse, equal, and inclusive practices is vital for your business to succeed. It’s essential not only for your employees but DEI practices can boost revenue, increase employee retention, innovation,

Speakers shared some insightful strategies, information, and ideas on how to create inclusive workplace cultures and why it’s essential. Here are some gems we picked up:

– Leaders must make concrete commitments on DEI. It’s their responsibility to set goals and take action. Be curious to understand and care then be courageous to act inside the company and outside.

– According to neuroscience, when you feel excluded, the brain processes it the same way as when it senses physical pain. (Eisenberger N. G., 2007) In simple words, it hurts to be excluded.

– Inclusion requires us to learn about ourselves and others then recalibrate our behaviors.

– Engage with empathy and care. Always ask, don’t assume. Take accountability for your learning. Make an effort to try to understand first and then ask.

Eager to learn more from the Microsoft Include 2021 Conference, you can find live footage here.

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