Spotlight on Tyjondah Kerr

Introducing the amazing Tyjondah who talks to us about how to be more inclusive, the importance of finding your purpose and how game-changing mentorship can be.

Tyjondah is the Director of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at OLG where she has worked for an outstanding 23+ years. After graduating from the University of Windsor with a B.A. in Psychology, she began working in gaming before moving to Customer Relations, then Marketing, next Municipal Relations and on to DEI.

She is a perfect example of trying out different roles and responsibilities until you find the right fit and, as she puts it, ‘work’ no longer feels like ‘work’.

Martin Luther King, Jr

What quote inspires you the most?

“You are what you practice, not what you believe” – Louis Farakan

What has been the most significant barrier in your career to date?

Being the ‘only’ has been my most significant barrier. People cannot picture what they have never experienced.

What is the best way to negotiate salary and scope of work?

Research and confidence! Do the work to find and appreciate the value of your work. Then practice asking for what you want, so you have the confidence when the time comes.

What do you think are the three most important characteristics to be an amazing leader?

Self awareness, social awareness and empathy.

How have you built confidence and/or resiliency over the course of your career?

Letting go of fear, practicing for what you deserve and working toward your goals every single day.

Why do you think companies would benefit from having more women at the top?

Well, firstly, it’s the right thing to do but mostly because in this day an age where the competitive advantage is the engagement of your people, women are more effective at empathy and people centric approaches. Hire more women to keep your organizations competitive!

What is the role mentorship and sponsorship have played in your career?

Mentorship has played a tremendous role in my career. It has given me the confidence and the knowledge to navigate the corporate world. It also opened my network for more folks to see my talents. I wouldn’t be where I am today with out the great mentorship from some fabulous, brilliant people. I continue to be mentored to this day.

As a leader, how do you stay mindful of who’s at the table and who’s missing?

By checking in and collaborating. Asking the questions: Have we looked at every lens? Are we missing anything? I constantly ask folks to call each other in. Be brave to tell each other to do better.

What advice would you give to the next generation of female leaders?

You are enough, do you, everyone else is taken. Find your purpose and find a career that aligns to that purpose, that’s when ‘work’ no longer feels like ‘work’.

How can women support other women in their organizations?

Be allies for one another! Especially for women of colour who are often silenced or bullied. Form communities of safe spaces for women’s voices to be heard and then do something about what you have heard.

Any words of advice you’d like to share?

Yes. We are all leaders in our own way. We need to each use our spheres of influence to lead with compassion and be the changes we want to see.



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