Ariba Adnan

Ariba is an energetic writer and digital marketer originally from Pakistan, but now living in sunny California. As an immigrant working woman she understands what it is like to be from a diverse background in a professional world. Her dream is to set an example that being different is good and creativity has no limits or ethnical background.

As a part time working and stay-at-home mom Ariba has helped many businesses around the globe build their web and social media presence. She has worked with many large organizations such as Social Tables, CTMI and Discount Drug Network. At Desa Global Leadership, she loves using her diverse interests and knowledge in topics areas to inspire and motivate women all over the globe to pursue their goals, become strong role models and empower others. She loves reviewing our workshop feedback and keeping track of all global trainings across time zones and continents.

She is a business graduate who made a career transition from the corporate world to a more flexible work-from-home job. A big believer in work-life integration, she is now able to travel while working and most importantly is able to give quality time to her daughter who is still a toddler.