4 Ways to Stay Visible Working Remotely

As more people work from home, it can be challenging to stay visible at work and stay top of mind with key stakeholders. It’s important to be more intentional about putting yourself out there, sharing what your team is doing, and promoting your achievements.

Since you’re mostly communicating with your managers and coworkers online, it’s crucial to learn how to voice yourself creatively to stay visible.

Here are four simple ways to stay visible while working remotely.

1. Stay Visible In Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings are becoming more popular, and even though it’s easy to remain off-camera and mute, resist the temptation and turn on that camera!

In physical office meetings, we pick up on body language cues so it’s easier for your coworkers to notice if you’re paying attention, or taking notes. When you’re working remotely, you have to do a little bit more to be noticed.

– Use these virtual meetings to toot people’s horns (including your own!).

– Give that small word of praise that goes a long way to boost morale.

– Share stories about how your team solved problems or overcame certain roadblocks.

Don’t be afraid or ashamed to share your personal accomplishments either. Keep the emphasis on the efforts you took and connect them to how this success impacts others.

2. Focus on Facetime

To get more facetime with management and be noticed, remote workers have to invest a little extra effort to engage with them.

“When employees are geographically distributed from managers who control the assignment of work, they are often unable to display facetime.” — Ioana C. Cristea & Paul M. Leonardi

Cristea and Leonardi call this added level of effort a “sacrifice” because it takes more hard work by the remote worker to achieve professional parity with their in-office counterparts.

Their research showed that workers who got more facetime with their managers led to:

– More promotions awarded frequently.

– Better work assignments from management.

While more employees are working remotely, more companies have learned how to integrate remote work into their business. In the long run, you want to set up proper structures to support the growth and visibility of your remote workers.


3. Track Your Work

One of the best tactics to remain visible is by tracking your work. Although this was almost impossible some time ago, you can now easily do it systematically.

There are some great tools that allow you to track all the work you do daily, and it’s possible to measure how much time you spend on each task.

These tools make it easier to keep a daily work journal, allowing you to communicate better with your boss. Tracking tools can effectively categorize your work, reducing the time you spend developing reports.

4. Be Proactive

Proactive people are valuable and trustworthy. One of the most effective tactics to remain visible is to take control of the situation and make things happen.

Proactive employees are resourceful and don’t wait for their boss to tell them what to do. They keep moving forward regardless of the situation.

As Stephen Covey so wisely said: “Proactive people focus their efforts on things they can do something about. The nature of their energy is positive.”

If you learn how to foresee problems and understand how things work, you can become a valuable employee. It’s essential to search for systems and observe your company’s standard routines and regular cycles to have a clear advantage in the workplace.

If you want to be proactive, it’s imperative to get involved. You’ve got to take action and be part of the solution. Don’t be afraid to make a contribution and make yourself accountable.

What are some of the things you’re doing to stay visible while working remotely? Feel free to reach out to share your learnings with us and the global leadership community on FacebookLinkedIn, and Instagram.

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