The most forgotten leadership skill

As an ambitious professional, I’m guessing that you’ve taken some fascinating and insightful leadership courses in your life— perhaps a workshop on public speaking or how to have courageous conversations. Maybe you’ve completed a self assessment on your personality type at some point.   But, have you ever been for “Appreciation Training”?


Probably not. Appreciation awareness and training is often left off the development checklist. In fact, appreciation is such a forgotten leadership skill that it can be considered the root cause of many horrifying employee engagement statistics.  In a study by Kelton Research , they found that 56% of employed Americans  say that apart from compensation and benefits, being appreciated would motivate them to stay in their current position – even more so than an opportunity to advance their career (46 percent).


Feeling appreciated for the work you are doing matters. It grows pride in your abilities and project outcomes. A little appreciation goes a long way in the currencies of empowerment and motivation.


Many organizations have solid recognition systems but lack simple appreciation reminders. We explore the differences between recognition and appreciation in this episode of the Leadership Lounge ( and also give you a simple 3 step proven process to master the art of appreciation!)


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Here’s where you can kick it into action:

Think of 1 person you can appreciate TODAY then use the SIP method to declare your appreciation. It can be at work or at home ( there are probably opportunities for more appreciation all around you).  Let us know how it goes by leaving a comment below.




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