When there’s more diversity in C-Suite,
we all win.

Inspiring women and underrepresented minorities to find their voice and visibility in corporate boardrooms so they are more engaged and get promoted.



But don’t take our word for it, here’s what participants from across 4 continents say about us

  • After working with Tania, I realized how much I had allowed my original professional goals to be diluted by various distractions, and how I was doing myself an injustice. Tania helped me bring focus back to my goals and mission, and I was able to reset action plans and priorities accordingly. “Decluttering” and rebranding with Tania was such a liberating experience, and I would strongly recommend her to anyone who needs to do the same.
    Dr Jean Kim
    Executive Communications Director, Eyeshot Media Inc, Toronto, Canada
  • At first, I was hesitant by the fact that I am older than Tania with more years of experience however by communicating with her, I was impressed with her maturity and I built trust and confidence in her capabilities as the coach to support me. Tania’s positive energy and belief in me helped me recognize the areas which I perform best in and how to use my strengths. She is tough on stubborn clients like me yet the level of personal connection and motivation was fantastic. I have felt motivated to take action and I’ve become more aware of my path as a result of working with Tania. I would recommend Tania to anyone who is seeking to push the reset button or seeking a career change. I got lots of hidden gems from working with her.”
    Ada Leung
    Regional Sales Director, Telecom Sector, Toronto, Canada
  • “Within one week of the leadership training, I am putting learnings into immediate action. I have more tools in my tool box and I’m motivated to continually invest in networks. Already as a peer group, we are sharing best practices, key learnings and supporting each others’ growth.”
    Director of Engineering at Intel, India
  • Janice, Engineering Area Manager
    “She is easy to talk to, has a genuine interest in helping solve a problem or provide guidance to solve a problem and she is always listening. She provides sound advice based on experience as well as formal training. She has a vast network and will pull in advice or help from other sources if she doesn't know the answer. I would highly recommend Rebecca as a mentor, either formal or informal, to others.”
    Janice, Engineering Area Manager
  • Ron, Program Manager
    “I had the pleasure of working with and for Rebecca for a few years. I have found her to be a valuable resource to consult with in a co-worker and mentor capacity. Her experience and insight has helped me numerous times in navigating my job. I continue to consult her when I need her wisdom.”
    Ron, Program Manager
  • “ THANK YOU Tania for your guidance and teaching us leadership skills. You made the concepts simple and easy to remember and to put into practice. The impact that you will leave with us will be career and life changing for all of us. It has been by far the most rewarding training I have ever taken!!”

    Mervin Nalletamby
    Industry Technical Specialist, Intel
  • “I got strong value from Desa Global Leadership’s 3 part leadership training, she really opened my eyes to the benefits of networking. In fact, I've put the teachings into action and recently was promoted.”

    Ashely Grant
    Marketing Finance Assistant Manager, Samsung Electronics
  • “I absolutely love how Tania facilitated our workshop in Taiwan - she is by far the best trainer I’ve experienced. I appreciate how she helped us feed off each other’s energy and stories which helped fuel the team interaction. This was a hands on training so we could try out tools in a safe environment. Every minute was thoroughly rewarding I’d say! I came with skeptical curiosity of what impact I’d get from the session and walked away feeling empowered and deliberate..!”

    Yen Nee Goh
    Account Director, Intel, Greater China
  • “I truly feel inspired after Tania’s training. She was great at reading the group and tailoring sessions to meet our needs. We have created a strong peer group moving forward. Overall, a great program and would recommend to anyone who wants to take their career seriously.”

    Catherine Gorospe
    Talent Management & Development Specialist, Samsung Canada
  • Network Mastery Workshop was by far one of the most inspiring training I have ever attended. She ensured we were all engaged and invested 100% in the course. Her storytelling methods and frameworks are profound yet practical and have enabled me to connect with global peers and mentors. I realized how much I had allowed day-to-day routines and other distractions come between my professional goals. She has helped to put my goals back on track, and I was able to reset my action plans and priorities accordingly. “

    Rini Hasbi
    APJ Region Consumer Marketing, Intel Asia


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