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“Tania's session about "The Art of Strategic Networking" was a highly interactive and engaging session for 30 of our leaders from our employee network groups in Canada. The simple pre-work helped her customize the content for our specific group, and the evaluation results from the session definitely demonstrate that this event delivered a positive ROI. I look forward to future work with Tania and would recommend her to any organization, big or small.”

Jennifer Heynen

Director Talent Acquisition, American Express

I have seen a massive improvement in the presentation style of my team. They are more confident, their energy levels are higher and tone more clear.  They rated the training program as very high and impactful. It is resulting in them getting noticed by top management and continually building credibility in their roles.

Andy Newsome

Global Vice President, One of Forbes’ Top 35 Most Innovative Companies

“Tania enthusiastically kicked off our Career & Culture week. I found her session on mentorship valuable as it was interactive, advice oriented and I picked up some great networking tips. Tania is an excellent speaker and motivated me to take more action.”

Boris Cho

Senior Director Marketing & Client Strategy, IPG Mediabrands

It was challenging but very helpful to see myself on stage and try things out in the safe environment Tania created. The workshop also contributed significantly to team building as we were able to further design our team’s goals and build awareness around communication styles.
I would highly recommend Tania as a corporate trainer, anyone leading teams would really benefit from working with her. Within matrix organizations, these techniques can be applied by anyone needing to influence and communicate their ideas persuasively.”

Dr Manfred Koranda

Global Portfolio Manager, Ecolab


Helping ERGs Gain Voice & Visibility in a $174 Billion Electronics Firm


Newly formed Employee Resource Groups were uncertain how to gain executive buy-in, grow membership base and create visibility for their ERG within the organization. HR sought out diversity and inclusion consultants to aid in adoption of diversity initiatives.


Regional and local HR teams engaged Desa Global Leadership to customize a program consisting of a series of best practice sharing webinars and live strategy sessions over one year.


All 3 new ERGs were able to articulate their vision and action plan in order to gain Executive Sponsors, grow attendance at events and sustain momentum over the calendar year.

Leadership Accelerators

Networking, mentoring and personal branding are life skills we are expected to know, yet never formally learn.

Networking Mastery is the first program to empower professionals with actionable systems and tools to put these essential life skills into action.

Our most in-demand Leadership Accelerator is our signature Networking Mastery Program. This program is often part of global diversity and inclusion initiatives and top talent development programs.

“I appreciated that Tania took time to learn about our business culture and participants to make the training customized and interactive. She created time for us in the session to put the tools into practice and also get to know fellow participants- everyone walked away energized and ready to take action with our senior leaders. I'm looking forward to engaging Tania again in the future to assist in the development of our Business Banking talent.”

Andre Greenwood

Director of National Accounts, TD Bank

“I must admit, I was skeptical going in but I loved Tania’s leadership training last week in Oregon. I liked the body language discussions and learned a lot about giving value to strengthen networks. I appreciated that Tania had many learning formulas (great for us engineers).”

Judi Goldstein

Director of Engineering, Intel

“Wow – just completed the Networking Mastery bootcamp and have to say it was one of the best classes I’ve taken in my career. The structured approach helped open my eyes to blind spots I had in the areas of networking and sponsorship. I thank Tania for her master facilitation skills; her follow up during and after the course proves that she practices what she preaches. You want this woman in your circle! This is a unique course that is well worth your time & one I will be recommending to all of my colleagues.

Julie Soave

Director of Program Management, Intel


From TEDx Talks in Europe to speaking tours across India, our CEO Tania is one of the most in-demand female speakers on global stages. Her style is inspiring, interactive and inclusive.


From TEDx Talks in Europe to speaking tours across India, our CEO Tania is one of the most in-demand female speakers on global stages. Her style is inspiring, interactive and inclusive.

“Tania is an incredibly engaging speaker who delivers her message passionately and effectively. Months later, my colleagues and I still talk about her speech and the insights we took away from it.I have also been sharing Tania’s TEDx talk with friends who have historically struggled to pinpoint their “super powers”. I have found her insights to be effective in helping professionals identify and highlight their unique abilities.”

Payandeh Ekrami

Account Executive, Samsung Electronics, Silicon Valley

“I participated in the WIN Conference in Munich and I really enjoyed having Tania as a speaker! She was very inspirational! She truly helped me understand how important it is to trust in myself and to look at things with a different perspective. She is also a very welcoming and charismatic person, which made her keynote a very pleasant experience!” ”

Tatiana Grossi

Business Analyst, Intel, Germany


Our digital learning tools make leadership skills scalable, accessible and easy to measure.

“Mentorship Moment is a great platform for refreshing and expanding mentor skills. It includes useful articles for areas experienced mentors can use as discussion points and some new and interesting options to explore with your mentee. I rate it 10/10 and would recommend this platform."


Director at Technology Firm

“Mentorship Moment showed me how I can further develop my own career by being a mentor. It provides meeting content, relationship conduct guidelines and a lot of structure.”


Senior Director at Global Technology Company

“ My personal mantra is based in clarity, focus and execution; Mentorship Moment aligns with that perfectly. I like how resources are focused, ensuring both the mentor and the mentee understand the value of the relationship and their commitments. ” ”


Director at US Company


Measuring the Effectiveness of Mentorship in a $60 Billion Global Tech Firm


A mentor at a $60B global technology company in the USA was establishing a  new mentoring relationship. The mentee and mentor did not have a formal goal setting process and lacked structure in their new mentoring relationship.


In the middle of their first mentor/mentee meeting, the mentor logged onto Together, they applied the platform’s multitude of resources to guide their discussion. It was a meaningful meeting. The mentor and mentee left having set relationship goals and objective metrics to measure success.


Having access to our virtual platform with quick, easy-to-use mentoring tools saved prep time, provided clarity, and helped with measuring progress over time. Ultimately, the mentor found that improved her effectiveness by 25% in just 1 quarter.

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