Grace Y. Churchill

Born in Hong Kong and immediately moved to Canada when she was just one, English was Grace’s first language. When her father was transferred back to Hong Kong when she was three, she experienced exclusion for the first time. She was the girl who looked Chinese but didn’t speak it and was mocked for it. Years later, after living in Hong Kong for 10 years, she is fluent in Chinese and has been raised with Chinese beliefs and values which sometimes clash with Canadian culture and business practices. Often times, the only female Asian in a room of leaders, she has experienced first hand what it takes to be heard, to be seen and to be valued.

Grace has been a Business and Leadership Coach for the past 15 years with Senior Leaders and Leadership Teams from iconic Global companies. Her passion is working with Desa Global Leadership’s executive coaching clients to help them see their uniqueness and stand strongly in their power. Grace’s “care-frontational” style has benefitted organizations such as the Royal Bank of Canada, TJX Companies, Manulife, Loblaw/Shoppers Drug Mart, Ausenco, Proctor and Gamble to name a few. Her specialty areas are in executive coaching, leadership development, managing and influencing up, across and down and is a catalyst for courageous conversations.

Trained in leadership assessment tools like The Leadership Circle, Hogan, Birkman and DISC, and schooled in both business, leadership coaching and psychology, Grace brings a rare combination of experienced business acumen and a deep knowledge of what makes people think, behave and lead to her clients. At her essence, Grace is an intuitive leader, an exceptional listener for what’s not being said and is passionate and curious about all relationships – the ones she has at home with her rock star husband and her two grown daughters as well as with her clients in business and in community.

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