If you had to make a 60 second pitch to save your life,  what would you say?


There are probably a hundred thoughts running through your mind and it all boils down to these three elements:

Discovering what is truly unique about you.

Owning your awesomeness.

Selling who you are and why it matters.


 I believe that knowing this is essential because at the end of the day, we all want to be seen and be heard. We want to know that who we are makes a difference- in business and in life.


There have been many times in my life when I’ve been unsure of my value—intimidating boardrooms, first dates, initial days in a new country. I was usually the one that looked different in the room. The only female. The youngest. The only visible minority. The only North American. The bubbly one.


And I learned that while its important to adapt to your environment, its also vital to stand out. Its just too exhausting and frustrating to try to be everything to everyone. To try to tone down who I was when I walked into the office. So, I started to experiment with owning my differentiators….and then magic happened. When I leaned into my natural yet unusual perkiness and spoke up when I had a great idea, I unknowingly gave others permission to be themselves too. And then, we were able to harness each others’ brilliance to really make impact.  I’m grateful to have witnessed this in many of the teams and communities I’ve been a part of- The World Health Organization, ESADE MBA, Professional Coach Training Institutes and across sales and marketing management teams in Fortune 500 companies on 3 continents.


Now, I’m clearer than ever.

I’m on a mission to inspire professionals to own their awesomeness so that

they can be seen and heard in any workplace.

 It's fantastic to meet you!

I live this mission everyday – developing and delivering leadership programs for multicultural professionals & ERGs, inspiring female talent in male dominated industries, giving keynotes & TEDx talks around the world and igniting action in individual coaching clients. Here are some recent stories and highlights.


With me, you get a unique blend of real-world business experience.

I completed my International MBA at ESADE in Spain and Peking University in China. I’ve led strategic discussions at the World Health Organization, hold a BOD position for a diversity non profit and set up life as an expat in Zurich, Barcelona, Budapest, Perth, Lausanne, Geneva and Beijing.

You also get the emotional intelligence enthusiast.

I’m a professionally trained coach and spiritual seeker who continually grows herself whether on a 10 day silent meditation retreat or embarking on a solo 6 month round-the-world trip. I know it’s a journey and I understand the inner work and often 2mm shifts that can create massive change.

If you have to make a 60 second pitch to save your life- you need to articulate your value with full clarity and confidence. You need to own your awesomeness. Period.


If you’re ready, I want to help. Connect with me, its time to be seen and be heard.