What 7 experts taught me about success

What 7 experts taught me about success
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Yesterday wasn’t the average Wednesday at the office.  I joined 5000 professionals in a convention centre to soak up knowledge from 7 global experts all around the theme of Success. It was a jam packed day of insightful wisdom, game changing ideas and high energy.

In the spirit of sharing and offering actionable tactics to create change in your life, I’d love to share my key learnings with you.  (Full disclosure, I’m also using you as accountability buddies to ensure I go through my messy notes and translate them into inspired action for myself!) 

As Les Brown shared how his drive to offer his mother a better life motivated him to succeed even when self-doubt was slamming down the door. One particular phrase resonated deeply with me:

Les brought to light the fact that we are not defined by how others define us. We have control and autonomy to label ourselves as we wish ( and as big as we can dream).

Les also spoke about the benefits of living full and dying empty. Citing that the wealthiest place is in fact, the cemetery. It is  the largest deposit of unrealized dreams, wealth and achievements. This truth instantly touched me as I lost a friend and mentor earlier this week. Scott Dinsmore  was a great example of someone who lived fully, although he tragically left us too soon and with so much left in him to give.

The only woman to take the stage at the event was also the one to receive a humbling standing ovation, Dr Barbara de Angelis. From the moment she walked onto stage, the energy shifted in the room. She offered a calm confidence and used provocative language to introduce herself:  “I’m a mystic, here to articulate the invisible.”

She spoke about the real need to transform yourself ( inside out) in order to transform your world. She introduced two types of wealth that banks cannot repossess: Spiritual and emotional currencies.  She spoke about the need to be in service of others if we are to truly be wealthy and successful.  I loved her message around selling oneself. Barbara said you can’t bypass you. Who you are sells your product, your project, your service. Her message that we need to understand ourselves in order to sell ourselves is one of my core beliefs and teachings as well.

 Barbara Map


The two speakers who impacted me in not only what they said by how they said it were: Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins.

At the age of 81 years old, Bob is a motivational warrior.  He introduced the idea that our results don’t have to control our thinking. He instigated that we need a paradigm shift as we are trained to live through our senses ( outside in) instead of controlling our perceptions (inside out). It was incredible to hear how Bob had picked up techniques from mentors in the 1970’s and installed them as habits he keeps to this day. He is living proof of how shifts in mindset and growing simple habits of success can lead to a fulfilling life.

Tony map


And the grand finale was one of my lifelong mentors, Tony Robbins. It was the third time I had seen Tony live yet it awakened new layers of motivation and drive. Tony’s most powerful technique is modelling what he teaches. Instead of preaching how our state and energy levels determine our success in life…he challenges us to test it out for ourselves by pushing us to play, experiment and interact with the 5000 people around us, consistently pushing us to new levels of discomfort and growth. Though I’ve heard his messages before, Tony never ceases to amaze me. You can witness the impact he has by simply looking around the room and feeling the difference in those around you.  The gems I walked away with from Tony Robbins were:

Happiness= progress.

The science of achievement is: focus, massive action and a bit of grace.

Instead of goals, focus on the outcomes you are seeking (what’s the feeling you are searching for in achieving that goal?)


Overall, the conference reminded me of the  2 C’s to Success. These are the core values I live and work by ( and listen up for how them impacted me yesterday in a special way as a dream came true for me yesterday…)




Tony Robbins entered my life at the age of 15, so getting the chance to hug him and share my mission statement with him was truly a moment in time for me. What’s fascinating is that so many of the lessons I picked up at the conference were at play to orchestrate this meeting. Intention. Belief & certainty. High energy state. Inspired Action.

The power of success ended with me successfully achieving a bucket list outcome.  Gosh, how do I top that next Wednesday?

Which of these key learnings do you find most impactful and how will you translate it into action in your life?

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