You’ll never make it to the next level by holding on to the first.

- Rod St. Hilaire


How about gaining the power to design yourself and showcase your extraordinary value so that you can cut through the noise to be seen for who you actually are and what you can do.  Are you ready to step into a new realm of leadership to get you to where you want to go?

If yes, great. Let’s begin.

I want to help you see yourself differently then work with you to kick up your communication style to add value and deliver results – at work and in life.

You are ready to step up. You know. I know it.  Let’s make it happen.

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What clients are saying:

At first, I was hesitant by the fact that I am older than Tania with more years of experience however by communicating with her, I was impressed with her maturity and I built trust and confidence in her capabilities as a coach and the person to support me. Tania’s positive energy and belief in me helped me recognize the areas which I perform best in and how to use my strengths. She is tough on stubborn clients like me yet the level of personal connection and motivation was fantastic. I liked the process of articulating my values and thinking about how I present myself. She asked me powerful questions, it was refreshing. I felt motivated to take action and I’ve become more aware of my path as a result of working with Tania. She pushed me to look forward. I would recommend Tania to anyone who is seeking to push the reset button or seeking a career change. I got lots of hidden gems from working with her. Ada Leung

Regional Sales Director, Telecom Sector, Canada

Tania has a unique way of transmitting energy, enthusiasm and excitement. I was fired up after every session and excited to take action on the plans we had developed. Working with Tania helped me keep myself accountable so that I could move forward on things that had merely been ideas before. She helped me find ways to articulate thoughts and reactions that I previously couldn’t explain, so that I feel more confident in expressing those thoughts in my work. Two months later, the coaching with Tania is still paying dividends, and I look forward to building on the opportunities I’ve realized over the past few months. Michael Greenlee

Software Consultant , North America

Tania has a great spirit and shows a high energy level; it’s fun and inspiring to work with her! Yet, she digs deep and challenges you with provocative questions and pushes you out of your comfort zone. Her approach is very visual and emotions-oriented. It may feel unconventional at first, but dare to ‘experiment’ as you will always take something from it – and you may only know it afterwards. Do your homework, questions and exercises are good and deserve some dedication. Ex-banker

MBA, Entrepreneur, Switzerland

As a result of working with Tania, I was introduced to a new process of brand development and started developing my value proposition.  Tania’s branding perspective is unique and one exercise in particular, really helped me clarify my target audience and approach to test the market. I appreciated Tania’s marketing knowledge and ability to help shape my brand as a new entrepreneur. Although it takes time and work to cultivate, I think Tania offers great value on market positioning exercises –  a 9.5/10.

Kristina Sammut

Executive Coach and Entrepreneur, Toronto, Canada

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