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Tania has a natural empathy that makes you feel very comfortable during the coaching sessions. She creates a positive environment of trust and confidence that allow you to easily express and analyze your fears and worries. I believe the secret behind Tania´s methodology is that everything she tells you has been proof by herself; her own life experiences and her ability to make her own dreams come true are her best testimonials. Tania has helped me in several moments when I needed to make crucial decisions; with her appropriate guidance I could see the glass very transparent when it was murky before. If you need to make your dreams come true; Tania will successfully guide you on the path. I would recommend her very highly. Natalia Arango

Email Marketing & CRM Strategist, Privalia, Barcelona, Spain

This year’s Intel ERG Leadership Summit in California was energizing. I appreciated Tania’s facilitation as her energy is contagious. She brought interactive activities with clear calls to action. I especially enjoyed the content around building value propositions and storytelling techniques. I feel recharged to drive change in my ERG.”

Misha Singh

Product Marketing Manager, Intel

At first, I was hesitant by the fact that I am older than Tania with more years of experience however by communicating with her, I was impressed with her maturity and I built trust and confidence in her capabilities as the coach to support me. Tania’s positive energy and belief in me helped me recognize the areas which I perform best in and how to use my strengths. She is tough on stubborn clients like me yet the level of personal connection and motivation was fantastic. I have felt motivated to take action and I’ve become more aware of my path as a result of working with Tania.  I would recommend Tania to anyone who is seeking to push the reset button or seeking a career change. I got lots of hidden gems from working with her.”

Ada Leung

Regional Sales Director, Telecom Sector, Toronto, Canada

I wondered how I could fit coaching sessions with Tania into my life and if it would really help me.  However, after a few sessions of working with Tania, I now remember what is important to me and how I should go after my dreams.  As a result of our sessions together, I now have a key visualization for me at my best.  I would recommend Tania, it was great working with her and I still take inspiration from our discussions.

Shweta Dewan

Analyst, AlixPartners, London, United Kingdom

After working with Tania, I realized how much I had allowed my original professional goals to be diluted by various distractions, and how I was doing myself an injustice. Tania helped me bring focus back to my goals and mission, and I was able to reset action plans and priorities accordingly. “Decluttering” and rebranding with Tania was such a liberating experience, and I would strongly recommend her to anyone who needs to do the same.

Dr Jean Kim

Executive Communications Director, Eyeshot Media Inc, Toronto, Canada

We brought Tania in to deliver a career development workshop for over 50 women in my department for International Women’s Day. Feedback was excellent and the women walked away feeling energized, motivated and empowered to take control over their careers and personal brands. Tania met with us to learn about the team, tailored content and even provided pre-work to engage participants. Tania gave real life examples from her corporate life, shared strategies and practical ways we could take action immediately. She created space for participants to share best practices which deepened our sense of community. I appreciated that she followed up with ideas of how to keep momentum going in our office post-workshop. I’d recommend Tania for corporate teams and leadership development.”

Katherine Hayward

Vice President, Customer Experience Design, International Banking at Scotiabank

Sara Maki, MBA

Senior Manager, Retail Strategy, Global Financial Services Company

“Through with with Tania, I clarified my values, strengths, and final destination (dream job).   The most valuable insights were about bringing more of my authentic self into the conversations with employers.   Tania is an authentic and enthusiastic leader with a genuine desire to help others. She is very attuned to both thoughts and emotions of clients and is skilled at redirecting them in a more productive direction. I would recommend Tania’s coaching services to those who are in need of being inspired and motivated to try something new.”


Natalie P

PhD Organizational Development & Leadership Assessment Expert, Canada

” It was indeed a pleasure attending Tania’s workshop in Hyderabad, India which focussed on The Art of Stakeholder Engagement & Idea Storytelling.   As director of a financial services business, it is very important to give presentations to our HNI or Corporate clients to explain our new products and services along with a success story. I was finding it difficult to showcase my success stories in a structured way but after attending your workshop I have a new process and more confidence in making my presentations and myself To “Be Seen & Heard”. I thank Ms. Tania Desa for her support and enthusiastic nature. ”

Akash Raj Jain

Director , Shree Vardhaman Investment Services, Hyderabad, India

Tania’s Personal Branding Workshop felt like a well designed journey that led to results in an enjoying, revealing and fulfilling way. The workshop brought everything together and provided a tangible output that I could take away and implement straight away. I liked the structure and level of interactivity as we all had an opportunity to contribute and it felt like we were all interested in helping each other. The facilitation was excellent, Tania was able to provide insightful comments and ask thought-provoking questions after having spent a relatively short time with us. The most powerful exercise led me to develop a great draft of my mission statement and value proposition. The workbook included great content with really helpful examples and a user friendly fill in the blank approach. Tania effortlessly (it seemed) extracted from us what is so hard to put into words! I would absolutely recommend it for anyone who is self employed or anyone who is employed and looking to make themselves more cohesive as a brand for their next move. This workshop delivers. Kate Kennedy

Sales Representative , Keller Williams Advantage Realty, Toronto, Canada

Tania has a great spirit and shows a high energy level; it’s fun and inspiring to work with her! Yet,she digs deep and challenges you with provocative questions and pushes you out of your comfort zone. Her approach is very visual and emotions-oriented. It may feel unconventional at first, but dare to ‘experiment’ as you will always take something from it – and you may only know it afterwards. Do your homework, questions and exercises are good and deserve some dedication. Ex-banker

MBA & Entrepreneur, Switzerland

I got strong value from Tania’s 3 part leadership training, she really opened my eyes to the benefits of networking.

Tania’s energetic approach inspired me to actively participate. In fact, I’ve put her teachings into action and recently was promoted. These are great tools for me to learn skills that will help me move faster and more effectively. I highly recommend others to take her courses and look forward to taking more.”

Ashely Grant

Marketing Vendor Management, Samsung Electronics

I received Tania’s work as coming from a sincere and authentic place. I appreciated her ability to acknowledge every person in the room and make them feel heard and valued. She has the gift of communicating in an enthusiastic and grounded way and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have witnessed her brilliance.

Shari Lash M.A.

Owner & Facilitator, WholeSTEP

Tania was able to take me down the path of identifying what is important for me to excel and be motivated in the workplace. Since our talk, I’ve been more in tune with these values that I was never really able to articulate before. Being able to know what’s important is very powerful and valuable. Tania was able to articulate my thoughts that I couldn’t express into words. I felt very much understood. She made me feel powerful over my career and that once I recognized what was important to me I could find that in my current job. She really lit a fire in me. I felt motivated, energized and recharged. Anyone who feels that they are stuck or not in the right place in life, should see Tania. She can really help someone identify what is important. The most important thing people should know is that they will never meet a more inspirational and positive person than Tania! She truly believes that anything is possible and that energy is all someone needs to reach their goals. Stephanie H.

Finance Manager, Novo Nordisk, Mississauga, Canada

A big thank you Tania, for coming in yesterday to CPPIB to deliver leadership training on the topic of strategic networking. Honestly, I came into the session with hesitations around networking but I left the session feeling more empowered to take the networking beast by the horns and take immediate action. I came back to my desk and my teammates asked me about the session as they could feel how pumped I was. I said your energy was very infectious and you were probably fuelled by rainbows. Thanks again for your enthusiasm, stories and strategies. I’m looking forward to your next workshop with us.”

Mark Gallardo

Senior Analyst, Process Engineering Central Business Services, CPPIB

From working with Tania I realized that in order to improve certain aspects of my life, I need to dedicate the time to analyze the situation, define a course of action, and stick to it. Tania was able to spot a tough issue and dig dipper with the right questions. I had an important “breakthrough” in a one-hour session. I would recommend Tania to someone who is looking for a change but is unclear on where to start. Andres Villalobos

Manager, Holcim, San Jose, Costa Rica

Tania has a strong desire to make a difference and she loves what she does. She is able to transfer positive and productive energy and I felt that she was looking forward for every coaching session we had as much as I was. I valued her fun outgoing personality and professionalism. Working with Tania resulted in my deeper self awareness especially regarding my values in life and a better understanding of my barriers. Through our sessions I developed a curiosity for entrepreneurship and started thinking of solutions from a different angle. I also always look forward to reading Tania’s blog tips, recommendations and links related to self-development. Anyone would benefit from working with her, from people that are in career transition to people who are completely lost and need to find their way or start from scratch. Working with Tania is a pleasurable experience that opens up numerous possibilities once one lets go and is honest with his own true feelings and expectations.

Hala N, PhD

Entrepreneur, Switzerland

Enthusiastic, inspiring, motivating and engaging – that is how I know Tania during and after the Johnson & Johnson TEDx in Switzerland. She is an outstanding person – and so easy to go on with.
I really highly recommend Tania’s inspiring insights.”

Marika Farkas

Manager, Communications & Public Affairs, Cilag GmbH International, Johnson & Johnson

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