Are you ready to Rock your Performance Review?

I’ll show you exactly how to declare your value, ask for what you want and get it!



Its Annual Performance Review time and you want:  

To get promoted.  

Ask for a raise.  

Lead that new project.  

Be discussed at Management Talent Discussions.

But have no clue HOW to ask?   You will after this lunchtime e-course!


In this e-course, I’ll share my proven system for rocking your performance review & figuring out the next career step. It’s the step by step process I use with my VIP corporate coaching clients delivered directly to your computer so you can dive into it over a few lunch hours and have everything you need to make an outstanding impact.


This course will help you:

√  Get clear on your career direction

√  Courageously ask for what you want

√  Decide what you want (and don’t want) in a role

√  Confidently showcase your talent

√  Build a stellar relationship with your boss

√  Fearlessly ask for what you want (and get it)

√  Measure your success effortlessly throughout the year


Its time to ignite your purpose, own your worth and amplify your impact in the workplace.

Its time to build a clear vision for where you want to go and then take action to make that vision a reality.


I want to help you achieve your career ambition. I want to help others see you as the superstar you are.  I will guide you through a step-by-step process of rocking your performance review. You will hear case studies from my own career, personal advice from Fortune 500 managers, directors and CEOs, and get fill-in-the-blank templates to use for your own performance review. I’ve consolidated years of experience into a single success system that you can complete in a few lunch hours during the workweek.


You CAN rock your performance review to shine as top talent and catapult your career to the next level.  You’re not alone and it doesn’t have to be difficult.


 Here’s how this proven system has helped professionals around the globe gain visibility at work and get promoted:

Through working with Tania, I successfully

  • Leveraged my strengths better to help motivate my teams, engage management and serve customers.

  • Strategized thinking of new ways to collaborate, create buy-in and build stronger relationships with key stakeholders in the organization.

  • Articulated my vision for future management roles and Tania inspired me to execute on my potential. 

  • Showcased my unique value proposition and leadership mindset.

  • Stepped into a new role with greater global management responsibilities and much higher visibility within the company

I sincerely appreciate Tania’s creativity, ability to challenge and motivate me as well as her unique way of brainstorming with me to create solid action steps. Working with Tania has motivated me to stand out and step up to new challenges and I feel fulfilled and fired up at work these days.”

Prasanna Gowdar

Director of Implementation & Operations, IT company based in Dallas, USA

This course is an excellent balance between theory and practice. Not only did I feel like I was being provided with tons of valuable information, at the end of the course, I also felt like I was walking away with a tangible and practical action plan that I could implement right away in my daily life. The instructor Tania keeps you engaged with relevant case studies and examples, not to mention a great sense of humour. But I also appreciated her bringing in a human touch to the course by sharing her own stories of failures and vulnerabilities. Also, her expertise in leadership coaching and personal branding really shines through as the course isn’t just about the one time performance review but goes in so much deeper to really define who you are and how you add value to your target community. So I would highly recommend this course to not just those who want to rock their performance review but anyone who is preparing for a job interview, crafting a resume or needs help in discovering and articulating their personal brand. Definitely time, money, and energy well spent.



Tania delivers an inspiring course on how to focus on your strengths in order to grow within an organization. A great speaker – she is engaging and passionate throughout the lectures and provides a series of helpful tips!

As an HR manager, this is an invaluable tool that I’ll be implementing at our organization to help empower employees to feel confident in preparing for their annual reviews.

I would highly recommend to other corporate managers looking for internal tools to support their teams or for individuals who are trying to figure out their next careers steps!

Nicole D

HR Manager

I went through this course and found the content to be really engaging, easy to follow with TONS of actionable tips and frameworks. I won’t hesitate to tell my friends about this and know that I will revisit the content every year!


Wahida L

The Rock the Review Course helped me focus and define my authentic values and strengths in order to fearlessly take action on the issues I believe in at work. Tania was motivating as she busted the myths of the workplace that so many of us believe in so that we can become empowered by the simple and clear truths. I’ve thrown those myths out the window so that they don’t hold me back the next time I want to aim for a higher position.

I was extremely happy with Tania’s natural flow of content from identifying personal strengths, translating them into performance outcomes and relevant action plans in order to boldly prepare for the big meeting to ask for what I truly believe is important. In addition, all of these lessons came with practical exercises along the way to ensure that I was taking the proper action. Highly recommend this course as its useful for anyone in the workplace!


Samantha M


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What you do matters so let me support you in owning your worth and rising to new levels of greatness at work (and let’s have fun in the process).





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Coming from sales and marketing management roles in the corporate world, I’ve been through and given performance reviews at Fortune 500 companies like Pfizer, Ecolab, Johnson & Johnson. With enthusiasm as my superpower,  I deliver inspired action.  I help you land the promotion, form stellar relationships with managers & customers and use your voice confidently so that you can avoid poor performance reviews, feeling disengaged at work and isolated in your cubicle.

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